Sampling house


Sampling house

  Anhui Chengcheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the Maanshan transfer demonstration park. Founded in 2013, with a registered capital of 20million and an area of 103 mu, it is an enterprise mainly engaged in the production of sheet metal processing industry, with an annual production capacity of about 150million. At present, it supplies Anhui RIFA Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., Wuhu kailuowen heat exchanger (China) Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu sumeida electromechanical Co., Ltd.

  1. In recent years, with the increase of the uncertainty of the epidemic situation, the frequency and intensity of nucleic acid detection have been gradually strengthened. However, our sampling personnel wear tight protective clothing and work in outdoor environment, suffering from the wind and sun. In order to solve this problem, the Chengcheng machinery team worked hard day and night to develop a comfortable, efficient and safe nucleic acid sampling cabin.

  2. The nucleic acid sampling house developed by Chengcheng machinery adopts the cage structure of high-strength square tube welding, which is firm, safe and reliable. It can effectively ensure that the sampling personnel do not have direct contact with the sampled personnel, and withstand the storm and all kinds of bad weather. It has a novel appearance, beautiful shape and compact structure. The outer wall is made of high-strength composite aluminum-plastic plate, which is durable. Customers can also post different publicity content according to their needs.

  3. The nucleic acid sampling room is spacious and bright inside. The worktable is made of high-strength steel plate, which is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and easy to clean. In order to make the sampling work efficient and orderly, the double registration and double sampling mode of the sampling house can effectively avoid the hidden danger of sample information confusion. This product is equipped with a new crown dedicated positive pressure fresh air system, which effectively ensures the health and safety of internal sampling personnel; At the same time, the sampling house is equipped with an intelligent ultraviolet sterilization system, which can implement unattended automatic sterilization before work; In order to provide a comfortable working environment for the sampling staff, this sampling house is equipped with a cold and warm air conditioner, which can keep the room cool and dry in hot summer and warm as spring in cold winter.

  4. This product also has an important function. Considering that in hot summer, the samples are exposed outdoors and are prone to failure due to high temperature, Chengcheng mechanical engineers have taken this demand into account for the vast number of sampling personnel. They have developed a set of constant temperature guarantee system for the nucleic acid sampling room, which can keep the temperature of the samples low enough in the whole process without the contact of sampling personnel, It effectively ensures the safety of samples and the health and safety of sampling personnel.

  5. In addition, the sampling room is isolated inside and outside, and every detail is full of the wisdom, efforts and sweat of engineers.

  6. According to the current production capacity of the company, the current monthly production capacity of the production sampling cabin can reach 800-1000 sets. Finally, it should be noted that the standard nucleic acid sampling house is introduced above. Chengcheng machinery also provides rich optional functions to meet various special needs, such as large screen multimedia publicity system, face recognition system, automatic registration system, voice multimedia, etc. for details, please contact us and ask for product introduction.