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  Anhui Chengcheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise specializing in precision sheet metal design, processing and finished product assembly. Its products involve it communication industry, auto parts products, medical machinery products (mainly sheet metal shell processing), finance, new energy products (charging pile, battery box, photovoltaic products), aviation, logistics and textile machinery products. At present, the company has the elastic processing mode of rapid proofing of sheet metal, small batch production and die stamping mass production for different customers to choose.

  Modern sheet metal processes include laser cutting, heavy processing, metal bonding, metal drawing, precision welding, roll forming, sheet metal bending, die forging, precision welding, etc.

  The surface treatment of sheet metal parts is also a very important part of the sheet metal processing process, because it can prevent parts from rusting and beautify the appearance of products. The surface pretreatment of sheet metal parts is mainly used to remove oil, scale and rust. It prepares for surface post-treatment, and the post-treatment is mainly spraying (baking) paint, plastic spraying and antirust coating